Commercial & SME Entities

Receivables & Delinquency Management of Credit Customers

Consulting & Advisory Services

Learn From the Professionals Who Do This For a Living

Skip Tracing & Extra Information

When Valuable Information Makes the Difference in Recoveries

Financial & Banking Institutions

Credit Card & Hire Purchase Type of Consumer Debts

Verification of Loan Application Data

For When an Outside 3rd Party is Needed for Final Approval

Debt Collection Training

We Train Your People Exactly as We Train Our Own

Credit Insurance Collections

We Access Other Databases Including Credit Reporting Agencies

International Recoveries

Global Trade Receivables & Delinquencies

NPL Portfolio Purchases

When You Have Exhausted All Your Options for Recoveries

Accounts Receivables Collections

When the Intensity & Urgency to Collect Are Needed

Credit Reporting Services

Providing the Information to Mitigate Your Credit Risks

Camwise™ Service Platform

Automate and Track All Activities With Your Debtors

Legal Collection Services

We Use our Extensive Legal Network for Results

Outsourcing Your Work to Camdeus

When it Makes Sense to Stick With Your Core Competencies